Give Now

Give for Good

Helping others through giving back is one of the greatest ways to continue the ministry of God in this world. The generosity of giving allows Life Changers Church of Christ to continue to help those in need.

Through a generous donation today, you can become apart of Life Changers Church of Christ today and apart of our loving community. Our purpose is motivated by one thing, the Salvation of Souls through Christ our savior.

Why Give

Through the Life Changers Church of Christ, your generous help can turn into a great impact. An impact greater than most community churches of today. Through your help, Life Changers Church of Christ can lead more people to the teaching of God.

Giving today will lead to change in the future. We consider all donations to be valuable no matter how big or small because they are going to those in need of God. Our main goal, leading people to Christ, will be greatly aided through your help today. Our ministry cares for all of God’s people and with your help, we can help all of God’s people.

How We Use Help

There are many different ministries that Life Changers Church of Christ will use your help for. All these ministries with the one goal of Salvation of Souls through Christ. Our many ministries and organizations are great investments for your donations. With Life Changers Church of Christ, you will be assured that your help will truly be impactful.

We use the help and donations we receive to help drive ministries such as LCCC Youth to help inspire and guide the youth. Prayer groups for all, media ministry to get our Church know by many, and many other ministries. Not only will your help go towards these ministries, but they will also go towards new ministries to help carry God’s word to all.

Ways to Give

There are a couple of ways that you can give to Life Changers Church of Christ. The most popular way to give is through donation. Life Changers Church of Christ accepts all kinds of donations. Any type of donation, given out of love for others, is powerful. To donate, click the link below, to go to our donations page. You can also come to our Church to donate to our loving community.

We are also always open to other forms of giving as well. The Life Changers Church of Christ is a close community of love and will gladly allow those who want to carry out God’s mission to help us. Do not be afraid to contact us today!

Join Our Mission

Life Changers Church of Christ’s mission to save people through spreading the Word of God is something that will always be worth joining. We will continue to spread our mission thanks to the help of loving people like you. Join our mission today, to see the love of God spread to those in need of salvation!

Help today can lead to hope for others tomorrow. No matter in what way you help, it is greatly appreciated. Life Changers Church of Christ will use your loving help to restore God’s love!